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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

“The Belvedere’ is down to 2 copies left and is in top place for this eighth go around. ‘Loss of Innocence, reached the top for the third time this morning, and I have now added 20 more copies for those avid readers out there.

I put in several new novellas on, including “Three Stories of Wartime.’
The teaser for the lead-in story, from WWII says:

‘Covered in blood, she ran, laughing hysterically down the sandy slope, Mashito’s head in one hand, and the doctor’s briefcase in the other. Her nakedness was barely covered by Mashito’s short jacket.’

The book’s other stories are from the Civil War, and from one of the recent desert wars.
Briefly; The first story recounts some of the bloody atrocities of the Japanese in the Pacific war, following Pearl Harbor.

The second recounts a heroic tale of intervention by a lone Civil War soldier returning home after the war had ended, and taking on seven confederates. They intended violence and mischief, if not worse, and he had been hunting them down steadily, and relentlessly, over the previous weeks, whitling their numbers down from the twenty they had started with. He intended to die, but not until the last one of Downey’s renegades was also dead.

The third: ‘A Medal for What?’ is a short story of love, and violence for which medals were awarded for something which could never be openly revealed, or spoken about. It is erotic.

More on inkitt.

Friday, May 19th, 2017

I added another twenty copies of ‘Loss of Innocence’, and am climbing again on
I also got a strange review of ‘The Promise.’ Ah well, I’ll take it.
“The Belvedere’ is climbing too.
Now, do I add another couple of erotic stories or focus on the pedestrian, poiite stuff?


Monday, May 15th, 2017

On, “Loss of Innocence’ reached the top, a few minutes ago and I got 20 more copies added to the freebies, so it begins the climb to the top again for the second time, along with its stablemate, ‘The Belvedere’ climbing to the top for the eighth time, and with another stablemate “A Kitten in Delightful Difficulty’ not too far off the pace, and with another ‘A Mind of Her Own, just a little farther back.
Place your bets.
Of course they are all very very warm stories. I may just add another one to the motley crew, and watch that climb too. What is there about erotic stories that is so popular? rankings

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

“loss of Innocence’ is now down to ELEVEN copies left, from 30, two days ago. I have had this book on for a few months now, and it did not move until the last couple of weeks. Go figure.
There is a duel going on between ‘The Belvedere’ and ‘Loss of Innocence’ in the climb to the top.
For those of you who would like to read a polite and not too warm a version of this story, packed with adventure and promise, as well as a fight to the death…. I shall say no more… then read ‘The Promise.’ It is the same story in all of its essentials.

another inkitt moment.

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

‘Loss of Innocence’ has shot up the rankings on overnight with only 19 FREE copies left. It will likely soon pass my other top novel, ‘The Belvedere’, which has 17 copies left for the eighth time. It has now broken that barrier of 20 copies through which all of the popular novels cycle.
The teaser is exceedingly sexually suggestive (here it is:

He slid his hands up her legs to find the top of her panties, took hold of them. and eased them slowly down her legs, turning them inside out, uncovering delicate lips he ached to touch and kiss (except he has his eyes closed on her insistence and can only imagine this).

It is a story of ‘love at first sight’, complicated by a boating accident, a young maturing woman waking up to her sensuality, and a rogue grizzly bear. Because of the accident, the young woman has no insulin and they may not be rescued for a week. That is when Doug appears in their midst. His task is to rescue her. They have fallen in love with each other, and they both know it. It will be an interesting walk out. The grizzly complicates everything further.

A much less warm version of this story, but just as action-filled in a polite and less outspoken way, is also on, for those with less tolerance for raw emotion. It is called ‘The Promise’.

Friday, May 12th, 2017

Three more of my novels are really taking off.
“Loss of Innocence’ has suddenly come to the attention of readers with only 30 copies left to read, along with ‘A Kitten in Delightful Trouble’ (45 copies left, after being in competition only 6 days), and ‘A Mind of her Own.’ (49 copies left.
“The Belvedere’ has 17 copies to go and is climbing in the rankings now for the eighth time.
The amazing thing is that they are all very warm stories, so obviously the genre is popular. The key is to have a good story behind them, which they all have.

Three Stories of Wartime

Monday, April 24th, 2017

I just added an eighteenth novel to The stories; Three Stories of Wartime, cover three major wars from the time of the Civil War between the states.
‘Three brief accounts of war, from its atrocities, to its heroism, and to its adventure. There are some scenes of extreme and vengeful violence, as well as others of explicit sex.’
The first story recounts some of the bloody atrocities of the Japanese in the Pacific war, following Pearl harbour.
The second tells a heroic tale of intervention by a lone Civil War soldier returning home after the war had ended, and taking on seven rogue Confederates. They intended violence and mischief, if not worse, and he had been hunting them down steadily, and relentlessly, over the previous weeks.. He intended to die.

The third is a short erotic story set in the Desert Wars, where a medal was awarded for something that could never be openly admitted or discussed.

A Devastating Circumstance. New Novel.

Friday, April 21st, 2017

And a summary of the story I shall finish, shortly: ‘A Devastating Circumstance’;

Anna rode across the river, and then, minutes later, turned to go home. They were overjoyed to see her. Where had she been for two weeks? Two weeks? What were they saying? She had been gone two hours!

Then they pointed out different things about her she had not noticed. She was dressed differently. Better. She had rings and other Jewelry. She was on a different and much more notable horse, and she had a large dog that refused to leave her side. She began to note other changes, in her. She felt more assured, decisive and forthright, where she had always tended to be cautious before, and to mull things over.

Those were not the only surprises, but it took several weeks for her to learn the rest of it when she came down sick, one morning.

She was pregnant!

She found it intriguing, and more amusing than devastating, as most unmarried young women should be, to be encumbered in such a way. She had no recollection of anything happening to her like that, and she was sure she would have.
Gradually, the memories began to return, but not the memory of her ever being married. Nor any memory of the man who still haunted her mind, and filled her every dream, as she slept.

A Mind Of Her Own

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Sixteen copies of my new book “A Mind of Her Own’ have gone in the first 48 hours, (I am still editing it on the site) and ‘The Belvedere is climbing to the top for the sixth time, with only nine copies left! They will all be gone again by Tuesday, and then the cycle starts again.
Get them while they are hot. And they ARE hot!
The competition, with almost 3,000 novels in it, closes at the end of this month, so do not delay. Above all; please leave a review, whether good or not so good.
Two exclamation marks seem deserved here.

St Trinians

Sunday, April 9th, 2017

I am putting together a set of chapters about various erotic adventures in a girl’s school/college. I have about 8 variations begun so far. How many different ways are there to get clothes off someone? Let me count the ways…..