A Devastating Circumstance. New Novel.

Friday, April 21st, 2017

And a summary of the story I shall finish, shortly: ‘A Devastating Circumstance’;

Anna rode across the river, and then, minutes later, turned to go home. They were overjoyed to see her. Where had she been for two weeks? Two weeks? What were they saying? She had been gone two hours!

Then they pointed out different things about her she had not noticed. She was dressed differently. Better. She had rings and other Jewelry. She was on a different and much more notable horse, and she had a large dog that refused to leave her side. She began to note other changes, in her. She felt more assured, decisive and forthright, where she had always tended to be cautious before, and to mull things over.

Those were not the only surprises, but it took several weeks for her to learn the rest of it when she came down sick, one morning.

She was pregnant!

She found it intriguing, and more amusing than devastating, as most unmarried young women should be, to be encumbered in such a way. She had no recollection of anything happening to her like that, and she was sure she would have.
Gradually, the memories began to return, but not the memory of her ever being married. Nor any memory of the man who still haunted her mind, and filled her every dream, as she slept.


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