another inkitt moment.

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

‘Loss of Innocence’ has shot up the rankings on overnight with only 19 FREE copies left. It will likely soon pass my other top novel, ‘The Belvedere’, which has 17 copies left for the eighth time. It has now broken that barrier of 20 copies through which all of the popular novels cycle.
The teaser is exceedingly sexually suggestive (here it is:

He slid his hands up her legs to find the top of her panties, took hold of them. and eased them slowly down her legs, turning them inside out, uncovering delicate lips he ached to touch and kiss (except he has his eyes closed on her insistence and can only imagine this).

It is a story of ‘love at first sight’, complicated by a boating accident, a young maturing woman waking up to her sensuality, and a rogue grizzly bear. Because of the accident, the young woman has no insulin and they may not be rescued for a week. That is when Doug appears in their midst. His task is to rescue her. They have fallen in love with each other, and they both know it. It will be an interesting walk out. The grizzly complicates everything further.

A much less warm version of this story, but just as action-filled in a polite and less outspoken way, is also on, for those with less tolerance for raw emotion. It is called ‘The Promise’.


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