Inkitt again

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Stories of mine on
Polite stories with plenty of chapters?: ‘Saving Selena’ (about 1820), ‘The Caroline (about 1870)’, ‘In Love and War’. (about 1865 and earlier). Blistering, but good stories: ‘Loss of Innocence’ (the time setting is today), ‘The Belvedere’ (1820), ‘Love will find a way’ (1820). Early polite stories, upon which I broke my teeth in, and set about 1820, 1 Deception by Proxy, 2. Fate The Relentless Hunter. 3. The Elusive Miss Wakefield. And others. Greg Alldredge just left a good review of ‘The Caroline’. ‘Loss of Innocence’ moves fast, and if you want to see how a man really writes a love story, this is it. I let you get into my head, as I am both hero and heroine, and bear. The polite version of this same novel is called ‘The Promise’. Take a look. You won’t regret it, but I might.


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