New Novellas on

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

“The Belvedere’ is down to 2 copies left and is in top place for this eighth go around. ‘Loss of Innocence, reached the top for the third time this morning, and I have now added 20 more copies for those avid readers out there.

I put in several new novellas on, including “Three Stories of Wartime.’
The teaser for the lead-in story, from WWII says:

‘Covered in blood, she ran, laughing hysterically down the sandy slope, Mashito’s head in one hand, and the doctor’s briefcase in the other. Her nakedness was barely covered by Mashito’s short jacket.’

The book’s other stories are from the Civil War, and from one of the recent desert wars.
Briefly; The first story recounts some of the bloody atrocities of the Japanese in the Pacific war, following Pearl Harbor.

The second recounts a heroic tale of intervention by a lone Civil War soldier returning home after the war had ended, and taking on seven confederates. They intended violence and mischief, if not worse, and he had been hunting them down steadily, and relentlessly, over the previous weeks, whitling their numbers down from the twenty they had started with. He intended to die, but not until the last one of Downey’s renegades was also dead.

The third: ‘A Medal for What?’ is a short story of love, and violence for which medals were awarded for something which could never be openly revealed, or spoken about. It is erotic.


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