Tales Told out of School. 8 One, for all, All, for one.

Friday, March 9th, 2018

A wise girl will sit or squat to pee. Any other way is dangerous, as the Wilson triplets learned one evening on the school roof, when they stood to do it. Their lives were changed forever by that act. It also changed the life of David, young son of the grounds-man and a doctor at the local hospital.


The Wilson girls were on the school roof one night when it began to rain. They should go in, but needed to pee. They stripped off their nightclothes, rolled them firmly to hold tight under their arms, and stood nakedly defiantly at the edge, peeing, standing up.

Sarah slipped. Clothing flew everywhere as her sisters leapt forward. Too late. She stopped at the edge; her toes in the gutter. They had only nightdresses to help her, so dangled them down to her. They couldn’t go back into the school now. Le-an remembered the cottage.

She was totally naked, but Sarah needed help. She went down the ladders off the roof, running across the lawn holding her breasts steady.

She knocked on the door. No response. She opened it and shouted. Hearing taps running, she walked toward the noise. A completely naked young man stepped out immediately in front of her, not seeing her, drying his hair. He was shockingly aroused. Her eyes were fixed on that.

They collided, heads bumping, then they were falling. There was not only a sharp pain in her head, but another developing much lower on her body as they settled over the end of the chaise together, with him lodged firmly between her legs. Too firmly. Hurting.

She passed out.


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