Three Stories of Wartime

Monday, April 24th, 2017

I just added an eighteenth novel to The stories; Three Stories of Wartime, cover three major wars from the time of the Civil War between the states.
‘Three brief accounts of war, from its atrocities, to its heroism, and to its adventure. There are some scenes of extreme and vengeful violence, as well as others of explicit sex.’
The first story recounts some of the bloody atrocities of the Japanese in the Pacific war, following Pearl harbour.
The second tells a heroic tale of intervention by a lone Civil War soldier returning home after the war had ended, and taking on seven rogue Confederates. They intended violence and mischief, if not worse, and he had been hunting them down steadily, and relentlessly, over the previous weeks.. He intended to die.

The third is a short erotic story set in the Desert Wars, where a medal was awarded for something that could never be openly admitted or discussed.


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